The Course

Please Note: We are using private landholders properties with their very kind permission. Please do not go past the NO ENTRY signs when training and respect their right to privacy. If people are reported to the race organizer for trespassing your entry may be cancelled and all fees forfeited.


0 – 1km BBQ area at the lookout follow trail keeping to the left until you arrive at the green barrier at the start of the Kamiliroi walking track.

1km – From the Green barrier gate straight up the gravel road to the old water tank that is fenced. Follow single track to the right onto flagstaff track and proceed to the Start of the Wallaby Rocks Lookout Track.

Turn right onto the Wallaby Rocks lookout track and follow it around slowly to the left arriving at the saddle junction.

Turn right at the saddle junction onto Gully Walk and follow until joining Flagstaff Track at Lichen Rock.

Turn right onto Flagstaff Track and follow all the way to the top of Flagstaff and admire the view.

Turn right at the radio tower and proceed down the Access road for the tower for 2km. Arrive at the checkpoint and turn around and slog it all the way back up the hill back to Flagstaff.

From the white Geological Survey Marker follow the arrows and tape through the single track along the ridge line to Tiger Hill. Watch out for Tiger Pear.

Follow arrow and tape to the left and along the single track into dry gully to the back of the Marsupial Park.

Follow gravel road to edge of Carpark to the checkpoint there

Turn around and proceed back up the gravel road and turn right up the single track for approximately 100m.

Turn left and follow track to the Saddle.

Follow markers along Flagstaff Track heading back towards the lookout carpark directly to the green barrier gate at the start of the Kamiliroi track

Turn left and proceed along the single track turning to the right at the junctions following the arrows and tape to finish at the BBQ area and the Start/Finish Line.

Bask in the Glow that you have just completed an epic adventure !

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