Merchandise & Race Bibs


Tamworth Trail Blazer caps, t-shirts, and travel mugs will be available to purchase at the time of registration until the end of February 2023.


Tamworth Trail Blazer cap: $15 each

Tamworth Trail Blazer t-shirt: $30 each

Tamworth Trail Blazer travel mug: $25 each

Race Bibs

At time of registration, an additional fee can be paid to have your race bib posted to you prior to the event.

Race bibs can also be collected at Oxley Scenic Lookout between 3pm and 5pm on Saturday 1st April 2023.

Upon receiving your race bib, it is vital that you fill out the section for emergency contact details. Please note your emergency contact cannot be yourself and ideally will be someone who is not also participating in the event.

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