When/ where do I collect my race bib from?

Race bib collection is held at Oxley Scenic Lookout, East Tamworth NSW from 3pm-5pm on Saturday 1st April 2023. 

Can I register on the day? 

No. Registrations will be accepted until midnight on Saturday 1st of April 2023.

Can I collect my race bib on the day?

This is not ideal; however, we understand some people are unable to make race bib collection and can be accommodating. If you need to collect on race day, please send us a message via email or Facebook and ensure you arrive EARLY as race morning is very busy for organisers. 

Can my race bib be posted to me prior to the event?

Yes. When registering, you have the option to pay an additional fee to have your race bib posted to you. 

Will parking be available at the start/finish?

Yes. There is parking available at the Lookout, however this is a public area and parking is limited, we encourage you to carpool where available. 

Is there a mandatory gear requirement?

Yes. All competitors are required to carry:

  • Minimum 1L of water
  • Heavy crepe/ snake bite bandage
  • Mobile phone that is fully charged and connected

Will there be food and drinks at the start/finish? 

Yes. There will be water, lollies, and fresh fruit available at the start/finish line. We don’t supply cups; all participants and spectators need to bring their own drink bottles/containers. 

Are their toilet facilities available?

Yes. Public toilets are located at the start/finish area. 

How will the course be marked? 

The course will be clearly marked with numerous arrows, fluorescent (biodegradable) tape, and paint throughout the course. We haven’t lost anyone yet! 

Can I use hiking poles? 

Yes. Hiking poles are permitted on the course. 

Is there a cut-off time to finish the race? 

Yes. All participants must be finished by 5pm on the day of the race.

Are drop bags permitted?

Yes. Drop bags are permitted for 30km, 45km, and 60km race participants. 

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