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Overall Summary

All runners in the 15km, 30km, 45km and 60km races do the same 15km loop. The 30km runners do 2 loops, 45km runners do 3 loops and the 60km runners do 4 loops. The 10km race follows the same course as the 15km loop, except instead of going down the infamous Hurcums Hill, participants turn around at Flagstaff. There is water and lollies available at each checkpoint*, runners must carry their own water container which is part of the mandatory gear. Please check this information prior to race day as this course might change due to weather or other circumstances. 

Click the link below to check out our Youtube channel “Tamworth Trail Blazer” for short video updates and extra information before race day!

Please Note: We are using private landholders properties with their very kind permission. Please do not go past the NO ENTRY signs when training and respect their right to privacy. If people are reported to the race organizer for trespassing your entry may be cancelled and all fees forfeited.
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